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About the Center

The Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy is a private group practice in Midtown Manhattan. The Staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality psychological services available. These services include individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and psychological testing and assessment.

The Center is also a training facility for graduate students in Clinical Psychology Doctoral and Master's counseling programs, who have varying levels of clinical experience. Therefore, the Center offers a sliding fee scale for those who may otherwise be unable to access appropriate mental health services. 

The address of the Center is:
137 East 36th Street
Suite #4
New York, NY 10016

Our telephone number is:

Hours are appointment ONLY and walk-ins cannot be accommodated.


​​​​​What is Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy?

Cognitive-Behaviora Psychotherapy is a research-based approach to mental health that primarily focuses on improving the quality of an individual's present day functioning and life satisfaction. This type of therapy is an active therapy, whereby the client and practitioner talk, act, and work together to achieve agreed upon goals for life change. Clients can expect to work actively within each session, as well as to oftentimes receive guided assignments to execute between sessions. These between-session assignments may include behavioral exercises and/or reading. Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy highlights that it is our beliefs, interpretations, and perceptions of life events that determine our feelings, moods, and ultimately, our actions. Therefore, a universal goal of this therapy is to help people identify, understand, and modify their belief systems in order to function more effectively and happily. Additionally, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy seeks to teach people to provide bits of therapy to themselves, and to know when they need to pursue professional "booster" sessions.

Read Description of Cognitive-Behavioral Principles for the Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)​.

How long does treatment typically last?

Although each person varies greatly, and each diagnosis offers very different treatment protocols, behavior therapy typically lasts between six months and two years on a weekly basis. Often, for persons who are coming in with very specific problems, such as panic attack or habit disorder, treatment can last significantly shorter than six months.

Why should I choose Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy over other better known approaches?

Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy is a research-based approach to treating a wide variety of common human malfunctions. CBT tends to work with people on a weekly basis, but also provides people with specific guidelines so that they can ultimately become their own therapist. In the vast majority of cases, when challenged by life stressors, people learn to apply the principles that they've been taught by their therapist. Other types of approaches offer insight-based treatments for people who are looking to understand the historical relevance of how they became who they are. There is no historical or current day evidence that suggest that this insight actually creates behavior change or attitudinal change. CBT offers a present day focus and the emphasis is on providing the greatest treatment, in the shortest period of time, designed to reach mutually defined goals. Within CBT there is a contract where an understanding is outlined between the therapist and the patient such that it is understood by both parties what the patient is coming in for and what the patient and therapist have agreed to work toward.

Do you take health insurance?


The Center, and all staff within, do NOT take any form of insurance, and in doing so function "out of network." Each clinician here at the Center is dedicated to creating and providing the greatest treatment available for the condition that is presented and the life circumstance of the person who comes in for treatment. Many patients have "out of network" coverage and most sessions are usually covered a percentage of what is "reasonable and customary" in their geographical area, based on the patient's individual contract. In order to do this, you must pay up front first, and then file for reimbursement. In all cases it is up to the patient to contact their insurance carrier and find out what reimbursement schedule they work within.

​If you have any questions about this, feel free to call 212.686.6886 and we will help you with all the information you need to know.

What can I expect to pay in regard to weekly fees?


The Center offers a fee range from $50 to $450 per session. The fee varies based on each therapist's years of training and experience. The therapists at the Center start out as master's and doctoral interns and range up to Post-doctoral fellowships and include licensed Staff Psychologists. The Clinical Director usually determines the actual fee.

What are the attendance guidelines of the Center?

Almost universally, appointments are made on a weekly basis. There are occasions where a patient might benefit from treatment more than a once per week, but such a parameter would need to be arranged specifically with the therapist.

Therapy is not provided on less than a once a week basis, as the therapy provided is based on empirically derived studies. To provide therapy less than once a week would not provide sufficient dosage of the behavior therapy.

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