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Training Opportunities

General Information

CCBP is a group practice located in midtown Manhattan. Dr. Phillipson, whose specialty is cognitive-behavioral interventions, almost exclusively provides supervision. Predominant treatment specialties entail a focus on anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunctions and depression. Other staff at the center have specialties in behavioral disorders, substance abuse, couples counseling and dynamic psychotherapy. Currently four externs are accepted each year from local APA approved doctoral programs in the New York metropolitan area. Interviews are scheduled and conducted during the month of February. For more information, please visit the FDU Practicum Wiki.

Site and Training Experience
  •     Conduct intake sessions

  •     Work in conjunction with senior staff and participate in vivo exposure exercises.

  •     Provide individual psychotherapy (short and long term)

  •     Co-lead Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder support/behavior therapy group

  •     Participate in peer supervision with fellow externs

  •     Consult with other mental health professionals (psychiatrists, previous therapists)

  •     Formulating diagnostic impressions

  •     Psychological evaluation (intellectual & personality)

  •     Caseload of 5 to 12 individual clients

  •     Augment clinical time with literature reviews pertaining to novel clinical topics or co-authoring articles by Dr. Phillipson

  •     Research opportunities using the     Center’s clientele (General topics include anxiety disorders, behavioral medicine and depression)


The Center serves a wide variety of problems for patients, on an outpatient basis, living in the New York metropolitan area. Typically the ages range from early adolescence to senior citizens from mid to upper income families. The majority of clients have some subclassification of anxiety disorders. Dr. Phillipson has a very specific clinical specialty working with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Therefore, the majority of anxiety disordered clientele will have this diagnosis.

Working with persons who have both Axis I and Axis II diagnoses is commonplace. Depression and social skills deficits are also common areas of focus. The most common Axis II categories include borderline personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, dependent personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder.

Site Objectives

Students can anticipate achieving a proficiency in individually-administered cognitive-behavioral interventions for the full spectrum of anxiety-related disorders, depressive disorders, health-related disorders, Axis II diagnoses, and a wide variety of DSM IV diagnostic categories. A working knowledge in both group interventions and group dynamics will also be provided. Additional priorities and goals for the students are the development of sharp and accurate diagnostic skills, utilizing the DSM IV. The application of ethical standards will always be stressed, and education with regard to therapist-client boundaries will be expounded upon. Constructive feedback will be provided in regard to staff relations and students are continually guided with respect to the development of a strong sense of professionalism.

Basic Requirements
  1.     Graduate students in at least their second year in a doctoral program in clinical psychology. Some previous clinical experience is highly desirable.

  2.     Time commitment of approximately 16 hours each week for one year. Externships begin anywhere from May to July and last the full year duration. (The options of starting in late summer and/or the beginning of fall will also be are considered)

  3.     Having an easygoing disposition and an ability to take the initiative are characteristics that are priorities and thus highly valued.


Supervision is provided by Dr. Phillipson on a weekly basis.

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